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Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box
Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box $29.99 $59.99
You don't have to carry a bunch of cables when going out anymore. It comes with a card tray eject pin, which can be used directly when you need to change your SIM card. You don't have to look around for this little thing anymore. Features: [Multifunctional] Interchangeable charging and transmission cable. It has four different ports: Android, lightning, USB, and a TYPE C cable that you can convert it into the type of port you need for data transmission, charging, etc. [A Convenient Storage Box] It is a convenient storage box for various types of interfaces, SIM cards, data cable. It also comes with an eject pin and 3 card slots, which you can store after you pick up the card to prevent SIM card loss. (The cards are NOT included.) [Portable Phone Stand] Built-in phone stand which is fold-able and convenient for you to watch videos, video call, free your hands! [60W High Power Charging] This Type C to Type C cable supports 60W high power and can be used with a quick charging adapter for quickly charging of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. The internal copper wires are larger and thicker than normal cables to help increase the charging speed and transfer data. [Widely Used] Suitable for car, home, work, coffee shop, outdoor and other scenarios. [Mini and Portable] With a compact size, which is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, bags, backpacks, etc. Take it and start a worry-free trip! Specification: Material: PVC + ABSColor: White, Black, BlueTransmission Speed: 480MbpsOutput Current:TYPE C to TYPE C: 3AAndroid to TYPE C: 3ATYPE C to IOS/ Micro: 2AAndroid to IOS/ Micro: 2ASize: 6 x 6 x 1 cmWeight: 60 g
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Rotatable & Retractable Car Phone Holder Rotatable & Retractable Car Phone Holder
Rotatable & Retractable Car Phone Holder $29.99 $59.99
It won't block your sight. The arm length can be retractable and the angle can be adjusted for a better and safer driving experience. Suitable for those who don't like or aren't used to looking down at their phone when driving. It is also suitable for the passengers to watch videos and kill boring time. FEATURES No More Looking Down at Navigation: The phone holder is mounted on the car's rear view mirror and levels with it to keep your eyes on the road. No need to look down at navigation, and get a more comfortable and safer user experience. One-hand Operation: You can place or take the phone with one hand when driving. The Four-claw design of the phone holder holds the phone firmly in place no matter how bumpy the road is. Suitable for all mobile phones and all car models. 360-degree Rotation Adjustment: The arm length can be retractable by 0-5cm, and the angle can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can get the best viewing angle. It doesn’t block your view. High Quality Material: Selected premium ABS material with a mellow design, which is durable and has no deformation. It's easy to install and remove, and it leaves no marks after removal. Easy to Fold & Store: The rotary design makes it fold easily, and does not take up space. With the 360-degree rotation design, you can adjust the angle at will. Multiple Uses: You can use it to navigate, watch videos, make video calls, live stream, record videos, record driving records, and more. SPECIFICATIONS Material: ABS + Nano PU AdhesiveColor: BlackWeight: 225g / 0.5lbSize: PACKAGE INCLUDED1 × Rotatable & Retractable Car Phone Holder
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Magnetic Car Phone Holder Magnetic Car Phone Holder
Magnetic Car Phone Holder $19.99 $39.99
A strong hold for every bump and turn When you turn on the road, does your phone turn with you? Are you tired of your phone sliding, or worse -- falling -- off your phone holder? Time to harness the power of magnetic force with our Magnetic Car Phone Holder. Play two ways Each order comes with a rectangular- and circle-shaped adhesive magnet plate which you place onto the back of your phone. This magnet helps your phone stick to the magnetic holder strip. Not just for the car No need for a holder in the car? Don’t sweat it -- our magnetic strip works perfectly anywhere else where you have constant phone use (or need to be hands-free). From kitchen to home gym to even the bathroom mirror, your phone can hold up anywhere. Signal uninterrupted With a closed magnetic field between your phone and the holder, there are no signal or reception issues for your phone. The magnetic force will also have no adverse effect on your phone’s body, thanks to a 0.4mm-thick silica gel layer between the actual interior magnet and whatever you attach it to. Place it anywhere You know how some phone holders for the car are limited to the air vent? Not us. Our stick-and-hold design allows you to create a magnetic holding place for your phone anywhere -- from dashboard to elsewhere in the front compartment. With its ultra-slim build and size, our Magnetic Car Phone Holder also won’t obstruct any driver’s view when in use like traditional suction-cup holders on the windshield do. A strong hold Our strong magnetic hold means that every bump, jump, and unexpected jerk on the road won’t knock your device to the ground. Drive with peace of mind knowing your phone can be held securely and safely. Holds any device Whether you are Apple or Samsung or Google, our phone holder plays equal with any phone make and model. And while our adhesive magnet plates should work fine with phone cases, those with a thicker phone cover or case may have to remove it in order for the magnet in the holder strip to make sufficient contact with your device (you have to test it out yourself). Our holder is designed to hold up to 33oz (930g) weight.
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Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand
Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand $39.99 $79.99
Want better work? Just ask for a raise Producing quality work starts with a quality workspace. Re-energize your workspace, whether it’s from home or at the office, with a lift. Take your work to new heights with our Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand. Versatile + multi-faceted One accessory does all the tricks. Our laptop holder is made of anodized aluminum alloy that is sandblasted and brushed, for a smooth, easy-to-handle workspace accessory. The holder stand works for laptops and tablets up to 15.6 inches in size, making it fit for the Macbook, ThinkPad, Surface, Chromebook, iPad Pro, and more (just check your device measurements beforehand to make sure). No more pains and aches Raise your laptop up to six levels of adjustable height for improved ergonomic work use. Experience immediate relief with better angling of your screen so you won’t be straining your neck, back, wrists, or eyes anymore. Improved work station ergonomics mean more comfort and well-being for you, even through all-nighters and hour-long meetings. Compact and portable Take improved well-being, on the go. A foldable design (and included storage bag) means you can fold, store, and take this laptop holder with you anywhere. When folded, the laptop stand measures just 9.4 x 1.75 inches. No heat MBuilt-in air vents at the bottom of our Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand help ventilate hot air from your laptop or tablet, so you won’t have to worry about overheating. A smooth operator Each laptop stand uses eight magnets to hold your device firmly in place (you may need to remove any cover or case you have for this functionality; if not, your device can still hold in place just fine). Plus, non-slip silicone matting at the stand’s tray edges ensure zero scratches to your device.
-51% sale
Panoramic Security Bulb Camera with 32G Card Panoramic Security Bulb Camera with 32G Card
Panoramic Security Bulb Camera with 32G Card $59.99 $119.99
Discreet security Monitor your home, office, or personal space with an unassuming light bulb that won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Our Panoramic Security Bulb Camera is built with a standard E27 mouth so you can screw it normally into any lamp or lighting fixture. The bulb is built with a fisheye lens, speaker, microphone, and motion sensor for a security powerhouse in one everyday item -- and yes, the bulb actually lights up, with LED light in a center strip. Power up with WiFi, watch via app Our bulb connects through your WiFi to come to life. The manufacturer has an app available on iOS and Android which you must download to monitor your camera. Once you have the app open, you can observe the comings and goings of your house or office anytime for peace of mind on the go and remotely away. Our bulb camera becomes your very own security guard, watching 24/7. Have eyes that watch for 360 degrees Monitor any room in your home or office with a fisheye lens that spans 360 degrees and displays recordings in 25 frames per second for ultra clarity. With five camera modes -- panoramic view, three different angle views, and a split-screen option, see your target space from every corner. Whether a living room cam, nanny cam, or security cam for your office, our compact camera, which size is 6"/15cm x 3.3"/8.5cm (L x W), will be your eyes when you’re not around. Panoramic Security Bulb Camera Store videos easily Our bulb works with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB TF cards. This purchase goes with a 32GB card. Access saved or expired videos With a TF card inserted into the bulb, you can access archived videos within the bulb’s phone app anytime, anywhere. Secure footage, secure storage End-to-end security encryption between your smartphone and bulb camera ensures zero risk of private information leakage: this means even if someone hacked your Wi-Fi, he still would not be able to see your video stream. To boost security, you can add an individual password for the camera and app. Connect, interact or startle Our built-in speaker and microphone allow you to engage in two-way communication. Hear what is going on and respond to people in the home (or yell to startle off a sneaky coworker or potential thief). Speak to your pets while they’re at home, or sing to your baby even -- it’s all possible by downloading the camera bulb’s associated app.
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Indestructible Magnetic Cable Indestructible Magnetic Cable
Indestructible Magnetic Cable $19.99 $39.99
Designed for power on-demand Are you and your friends always fumbling around for an extra charger cord? Or is that one charger cord you’ve had for only a year starting to show wear and tear? Time to upgrade to our Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable. It’s sturdy, compact, and reliable for powering up your devices when you need it. Micro USB Charge up GPS devices, digital cameras, and more. Lightning Plug in for iPhones, iPads, and any Apple device anytime. Type C Power up Google, Samsung, and Huawei devices. Charge up from any angle Our unique charger design makes charging your phone or tablet a breeze. Our 360-degree rotating cable head allows you to power up from any direction. No more annoyingly twisting and turning your cable to fit in your charging port at one angle and position. Light up in the dark A small LED light indicator on the charging head lets you know where your phone is at all times. When detached, the charging cord itself also illuminates to let you know where it’s at (even in the dark). It can go for miles No more suffering with short cables. Our high-quality cord measures 39.4 inches (100 cm) in length. Charge from the bed to desk with ease.
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1080p HD Mini Wireless Camera (SD Card Not Included) 1080p HD Mini Wireless Camera (SD Card Not Included)
1080p HD Mini Wireless Camera (SD Card Not Included) $39.99 $79.99
Protect your home and valuables! Worried about going out because you are afraid of losing your valuable belongings at home? Worry no more even if you're far away! This Wireless Mini Monitoring Cam provides real-time day and night monitoring on your home! PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Watch live stream all your videos via smartphone or tablet all around the world. Magnetic sticky camera stick anywhere at any time. Work both on power via USB and or the built-in rechargaeble battery. It can also be used as a bike/car camcorder. Night Vision with six infrared LEDs without lighting. Notifications for any suspected movement. Support voice playback, view video files anytime, anywhere, picture quality options, screen rotation. Built-in 400 mA rechargeable lithium battery, 3 hours of super video, maximum support 64 GB SD / TF Card (not included). 1080 FULL HD DISPLAY - Provides a crystal clear vision so that you can really see every detail inside or outside your home. Monitor your home anywhere you are! SMART MOTION DETECTOR WITH ALARM - Capture any thief! This camera has a built-in alarm that will notify you of any possible intrusion inside your home. INFRARED NIGHT VISION & PANORAMIC FOOTAGE - It can see light emitted from bodies, animals, objects in the form of heat or thermal radiation during nighttime. It has a wide range of footage so you can see everything on your phone or tablet. WIDE APPLICATION - Use it anywhere you need surveillance cameras such as at office, home, store, and company. Look at kids, pets, elderly or anything that needs to monitor. Save money in hiring any security guard at your place. REAL-TIME MONITOR - Discreet real-time monitor via mobile phone. It comes with two-way audio with a mic & speaker that feel like you’re just inside your house. Enjoy seeing your loved ones or catching thieves with this unnoticeable mini camera. MULTI-PLATFORM VIEWING - Very easy to access that can be viewed with tablets, android, iPhone, and mobile phones. Easy to use by connecting the camera to your mobile phone using the router. Secure your homes & loved ones NOW! Have easy access to your home with the Wireless Mini Monitoring Cam. Grab Yours NOW! HOW TO USE Download the APP in APP Store or Google Play. Press the ON/OFF button for about 3 seconds to turn on the camera. Find and connect the camera wifi hotspot in your phone WLAN setting. Or, scan the camera QR Code and connect your home 2.4GHz wifi in the App Device Settings-WiFi Config. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Memory Card Type: MicroSD / TF (Not Included)Built-in Memory Size: NoneType: MiniSensor Technology: CMOSHD Support: 1080P (Full-HD)Certification: CEImage Sensor: 3918E + 1145 SenSorLens Resolution: 200WCamera Resolution: 1960 x 1080PLens: 2.8mmPower Consumption: 3W (MAX)Rated Power: DC 5V 1.5ADay/Night Conversion Mode: IR-cut, Double Filter Automatic Switching   NOTE: Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
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Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse $69.99 $139.99
This Laser Keyboard is a little gadget that connects to your devices and projects a keyboard layout onto any flat surface, letting you type like normal while imagining you’re in a sci-fi movie… or a very organized rock show. This laser keyboard projects a full QWERTY layout and connects to your devices via either USB or Bluetooth. It has multi-point recognition to make sure it’s accurate, so you don’t have to worry about tech-induced typos. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, and even comes with a bracket to mount your mobile device. FEATURES English QWERTY keyboard layout. Modern design and technology. Compact and ultra-portable for mobility. Supports USB interface and Bluetooth for convenient linking to other devices. Perfect for editing documents directly on your phone. Full size key pitch and shortcut keys for ease of operation. Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, easy to move and carry. Compatible with the latest equipment Windos XP / VISTA / 7/8, Windows Phone 7, IOS4/5/6 or later (iPhone and Ipad) Android 3.1 and later, Mac OS X. PACKAGE INCLUDES1x Laser Projection Keyboard1x USB Cable1x User's Manual NOTE: Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
-51% sale
Magnetic Digital Smart Timer Magnetic Digital Smart Timer
Magnetic Digital Smart Timer $39.99 $79.99
The secret trick that productivity hackers use Magnetic Adsorption Smart Digital Timer-Focus is the highest value skill in a world that profits from your attention. The secret trick that productivity hackers use for getting the most out of a day is to use a physical timer. A small device that has been proven to significantly improve your performance. Get rid of procrastination once and for allBuild a work routine you can be proud of and get rid of procrastination once and for all. This sleek and intuitive timer by Konah Home is the perfect choice for those who care about beautiful design as well as productivity.✓ Sleek design adds flair to your desk space ✓Support up and down counting (Starting from 0 is up counting)✓ Easy to use with seamless rotation and time adjustment✓ Choose your mode with countdown or stopwatch✓ Excellent battery life ✓ Magnetic, great for attaching to whiteboards ✓ Avoid annoying the neighbors with a volume adjustable alarm and silent countdown mode ✓ Save battery with LCD digital display that dims in timer modeWork, fitness, cooking, entertainment, study, reading, lunch break, set time to make you more efficient! Specification: Material: Hardware+Plastic.Size(LxWxH): Approx. 7.8x2.6cm/3.07x1.02 inch.Battery: 3x AAA batteries (Not included).Working temperature: 0-50℃.Endurance time: 3 months.Time range: 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds.Volume: Silent(0dB), low: 60-70dB, high: 80-90dB.
-51% sale
5-In-1 4D Men's Rechargeable Shaver Grooming Kit 5-In-1 4D Men's Rechargeable Shaver Grooming Kit
5-In-1 4D Men's Rechargeable Shaver Grooming Kit $69.99 $139.99
Say goodbye to bumps, cuts, and irritation. Get a stubble-free shave in just a few minutes. Perfectly designed for those who have sensitive skin. Cut through coarse and curly hair with ease. SHAVE FASTER THAN EVERFlexible-blade system effortlessly glides over your skin quickly removing hairs.NO BUMPS AND NO CUTSUnlike standard razors, our unique blades will not result in razor bumps or cuts.SHAVE ANYWHERE WITH NO MESSDesigned with a blade that collects your cut hairs, so you can shave anywhere. YOUR MORNING ROUTINE JUST GOT FASTERGet the closest shave of your life, without requiring multiple passes over the skin! Our five blade technology allows up to 50% more hairs cut in a single stroke. WATERPROOF & SHOWER FRIENDLYShave wet or dry. Works with or without shave cream & shave oil.MANSCAPE BELOW THE WAISTSafely groom your most sensitive areas, with no snags or pulling.COARSE AND CURLY HAIRDesigned to make shaving thick, coarse, and curly hair safe and easy.POWERFUL LITHIUM ION BATTERYRapid USB-charging battery that lasts up to fifteen perfect shaves. BETTER THAN RAZORSBLADES LAST 50+ SHAVESOur durable blades allow over 50 shaves before needing to be replaced.NO INGROWN HAIRSRazors cut beneath the skin causing ingrown hairs. This cuts at the surface.EASY TO HOLD & USEErgonomic design fits in the palm of your hand. Safe for shaky hands to use!CLEANING IS FAST & EASYOpen the blades and rinse them underwater to remove any hair.ABILITY TO SHAVE DRYComfortable and close shaves without needing any other products.SAVE TIME AND MONEYBe your own master barber. No more costly professional visits.SHAVE MORE FREQUENTLYLess irritation and time spent shaving allows for daily use. WHAT'S IN THE KIT? FLEXIBLE BLADE SYSTEMHigh performance five-head rotary blade combines our flex and precision technology that comfortably follows the contours of your head, face, and body. Allowing for irritation and stubble free shaves.PRECISION CLIPPERCreates precise lines for cleaner, closer, and faster cuts. Increased control for fading, outlining, and trimming hard-to-reach areas. Includes 3-5-7mm safety guards to trim at your desired length.EXFOLIATION BRUSHCharcoal infused, deep-cleansing brush specially designed for removing impurities, brightening complexion, and keeping pores clear. The ultimate tool to help provide clean, close, and bump-free shaves.PRE-SHAVE MASSAGEPrepare for the most comfortable shave of your life by softening and lifting your hair follicles. When used to apply a pre-shave oil, your shaver will glide across the skin smoothly and effortlessly.EAR & NOSE TRIMMERConfidently use the dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, and precisely remove unwanted hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling.EXTRA ACCESSORIESProtective cover for the bladeBrush to clean leftover hairsRapid USB-charging cable FAQsHow often do I have to replace the blade?For the best performance and hygiene, we recommend replacing your blade after 50 shaves. Replace damaged shaving heads immediately.Can this be used for my face or other areas?Yes! Our shaver is loved by many for its ability to safely and smoothly shave the head, however, it is also most commonly used for shaving the face, body, as well as sensitive areas. It's a one-stop shop!Can woman use this too?Yes! Ladies, whether you are sporting the bald look, or would like an easier way to shave your legs, under arms, or bikini area, the FlexSeries works just as well for you.How long does the battery last?You can expect roughly 45 minutes of cordless use, or about 10-20 shaves from a full charge.What is the benefit of electric & rotary shaving?You don't have to compromise. Get both closeness and skin comfort, while being easy to use and reach difficult areas. Complete your shave with fewer passes and less pressure, resulting in close shaves with no irritation.How short must my hair be to use this?Our product is an all in one solution. The five-blade head is best used to maintain a bald shave. Everyone is different, however, if your hair is longer than 1 week of stubble, we recommend trimming with the clipper before using the five-blade head.Can I use shaving creams? Which is best?Yes! Many people prefer wet shaving with creams and oils, or even in the shower. We have specially formulated products to complement the FlexSeries Kit and give the best results. SPECIFICATIONSMaterial: ABSWeight: 450gVoltage: Universal (100-240V)Usage Time: 45MinsSize: 9*6*8cm(L*W*H)Power Type: RechargeableOUTPUT: 2.4V(5W)INPUT: 5V(USB)Feature: Five BladeColor: Black + GoldenCharging Time: 5hCertification: CE NOTE: Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.

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